A Children’s Treasury of People Dunking on Trump Jr.’s Dumb Halloween Tweet


Here’s hoping you had a lovely Halloween, filled to the brim with the traditions of the holiday: festive parties, kids in adorable costumes, sugar comas, and that old favorite, shitty trick-or-treat-inspired political analogies. And now that we have a sentient AOL-address email forward as our commander-in-chief, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that his garbage grifter family is getting in on that action:

There’s probably a good sociological/theoretical study to be conducted based on which asinine hypocrisy we each notice first, when reading this nonsense. I, for one, was struck by the insanity of someone who has inherited his entire fortune, whose comfy career and cozy livelihood were literally handed to him for free – almost as if he rang a doorbell and put out a bucket the day he was born – getting all bent out of shape about having to give any of it up.

But you see, this is the beauty of Donald Trump Jr’s Dumbfuck Halloween Tweet™: it’s like a rich gourmet bisque, and each sip reveals another flavor that you didn’t expect:

Oh yes, and in all of that, let’s not overlook this:

But we kid Don Jr. Maybe he has a point; politics aside, it really is kind of monstrous to take candy from a child. I mean you’d have to be a real piece of sh – I’m sorry, one moment, I’ve just been handed this tweet from 2014: