Adorable Illustrations of Pop Culture Characters in their ‘Down Time’


Our friends over at the pop culture-obsessed Gallery 1988 love to not only pay tribute to our favorite characters from film and television, but reframe our notions of them. They’ve rarely done so as explicitly – or as ingeniously – as in their new show, Down Time, in which artists Luke Flowers and Glen Brogan each imagine what movie, cartoon, and comic book protagonists (and even some antagonists) are up to in their off-hours. The show opened Friday at the Los Angeles gallery and runs through the 18th, but if you’re not in the area (or, ya know, can’t tear yourself away from your television and comic books), they’ve shared some of the best with us.

“Cats in the Cradle” by Glen Brogan

“Arcade Dayz: Gauntlet” by Luke Flowers

“Advertising Party” by Glen Brogan

“Arcade Dayz – Pacman” by Luke Flowers

“Movie Time at the Playhouse” by Glen Brogan

“Meddling Kids Club” by Luke Flowers

“Hungry Hungry Mousers” by Glen Brogan

“Underworld” by Luke Flowers

“Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora” by Glen Brogan