Hear a Mid-’90s Wilco Outtake, From the ‘Being There’ Deluxe Edition


Wilco’s first two records, A.M. and Being There, remain classics in the alt.country subgenre, firmly establishing the group’s style and sound (or, at least, its initial iteration of them). It’s also been, respectively, 22 and 21 years since their release – hi, grandma/grandpa – so they’re getting the expected special edition treatment, with Rhino releasing Deluxe Editions on December 1.

A.M.’s will include, per Rhino’s website, the original album and eight unreleased bonus tracks. Being There’s goes even deeper, with “loads of never-before-heard songs, alternate takes and live performances,” spanning over a staggering five CDs. And now, they’re sharing one of those never-before-heard songs.

“Dynamite My Soul” is a short but sweet acoustic guitar number, stripped-down in instrumentation but rich in emotion. It’s not clear if this was a demo run-through or a studio version; it’s to the track’s credit that it could be either.

Check it out:

“I think that was good enough.” Indeed.

[h/t Pitchfork]