Ridiculously Fun VHS Box Art for Modern Movies and TV Shows


We can’t resist a fun ode to VHS, which is why we’re big fans of IAmSteelberg‘s reimagined box covers for modern genre flix and TV shows. If you’ve been dying to see the art and branding for favorites like Stranger Things, Get Out, and Rogue One transformed into grimy VHS tapes, peeling labels and all, then you’re in the right place. And let’s face it, most of these movies are just one giant nostalgia bomb anyway. You can practically feel the stickiness of the VHS cases and imagine stacks of tapes stuffed on the shelves in your local mom-and-pop video store (if you lived through the analog period, anyway). Take a trip back in time with @IAmSteelberg’s clever artworks and remember what it felt like to wander the wilds of Blockbuster, below.

Some of our favorite covers are this ‘Stranger Things’ set, the ‘It’ poster, this nostalgic reworking of ‘Baby Driver’, and of course, ‘Blade Runner.’