Playful Art Inspired by Your Favorite Cult Movies and TV


“Crazy 4 Cult” is one of the signature series of exhibitions at Gallery1988, our beloved mainstay of pop culture-inspired artwork, perhaps because it’s so durable. The topic is broad – cult movies and television – so 1988’s stable of gifted artist can go to work on just about any film or show with at least a handful of fervid fans (and you can find them for just about anything these days). The umbrella has yielded not only ten previous exhibitions, but two companion books.

Tonight, the Los Angeles-based gallery opens “Crazy 4 Cult 11” – and it’s a doozy, featuring frisky artistic interpretations of Willy Wonka, Beetlejuice, Pee-Wee Herman, Bill & Ted, and many more. We were lucky enough to get some preview images; check them out below, and if you’re in the area, drop in to Gallery1988 at 7308 Melrose Avenue to see many, many more.

Artist credit: Comaco

Artist credit: Julian Callos

Artist credit: Luke Flowers

Artist credit: Nichole Daniels

Artist credit: Scott Park

Artist credit: Matt Chase

Artist credit: Augie Pagan

Artist credit: Philip Tseng

Artist credit: Andrew Heath

Artist credit: Steve Casino

Artist credit: Steve Casino