Man Twitters Plane Crash Survival, Begs for Stiff Vodka Tonic


Before he decided to tweet his death defying escape from a Continental airlines 737 crash in Denver, Mike Wilson aka 2drinksbehind, didn’t have the most exciting Twitter feed. Back in July he was upset about coworkers with poor personal hygiene (“people who come to work without showering are gross”), in August he had to put a vacay on hold because of bad weather (“Fishing trip cancelled due to the torrential rains … Sux”), and most recently he struggled to give up his coffee habit while maintaining a keen sense of humor (“Day 4 with no coffee. It’s getting difficult to stay focu … what was I saying?”)

Then his plane slid off the runway, the engine burst into flames, and he was one emergency slide away from landing at the center of a self-proclaimed “media circus.” His account of the non-fatal accident (38 people were hurt) after the jump. In a sign of true devotion to his craft, Wilson hopped back online once he was home to let his followers know he was OK.

Holy fucking shit I wasbjust in a plane crash! 5:25 PM Dec 20th

Ugh … My glasses fell off in the mass exodus getting off the plane .. Can’t see very well 5:57 PM Dec 20th

This was crash #2 for me. Maybe I should start taking the bus. 5:58 PM Dec 20th

Can’t see much, but that’s the crash site. 6:35 PM Dec 20th

Continental keeping us locked up at the presidents club until they can sort everything out. Won’t even serve us drinks. 😦 8:21 PM Dec 20th

You have your wits scared out of you, drag your butt out of a flaming ball of wreckage and you can’t even get a vodka-tonic. Boo 8:22 PM Dec 20th

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Sorry for the radio silence, but my battery died in the middle of all this and I just made it home 11:22 PM Dec 20th

to all who’ve asked, it’s hard to know exactly what went wrong — we were in the middle of a normal takeoff when we suddely veered off 11:27 PM Dec 20th

a 1st class passenger I talked to indicated he saw the left engine come off at the time, but it’s unclear if this was a cause or an effect 11:28 PM Dec 20th

shortly after we veered off, the plane quite obviously left the runway at high speed (maybe 100 kts) and proceeded to go 4 wheel driving 11:29 PM Dec 20th

i think we might have gone into a ravine and dropped some distance as there was a sudden bottom-dropped-out feeling and then a jolt 11:30 PM Dec 20th

i believe it was after the jolt that the right engine, which was near my row, caught fire 11:31 PM Dec 20th

by the time the plane stopped we were burning pretty well and I think I could feel the heat even through the bulkhead and window 11:31 PM Dec 20th

whoever was on the left side exit row, god bless him, was johnny on the spot and instantly had the door open – people crowded out in a mass 11:32 PM Dec 20th

I made for the exit door as quickly as I could, fearing the right wing might explode from the fire. once out, i scrambled down the wing 11:34 PM Dec 20th

there was a fire station nearby and that’s where we all ended up right after the crash 11:35 PM Dec 20th

fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any life-threatening injuries 11:36 PM Dec 20th

I’m very grateful to still be here. Thanks again to all the well wishers. I’m amazed and humbled by it all. 11:57 PM Dec 20th

Pretty exhausted at this point, so I’m heading off to bed. Good night! 11:57 PM Dec 20th