Charming Illustrations From Actor/Musician Kate Micucci’s Solo Show


You may know actor and comedian Kate Micucci from any number of places: as half of Garfunkel & Oates, from her roles on Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, and Raising Hope, from her copious voice-over work, or from her appearances in The Little Hours and Don’t Think Twice. And if you saw the latter film, you might know that she uses visual art as yet another outlet for her distinctive style and voice. Hence, our friends at Gallery1988 have mounted another full-on, fancy-artist Kate Micucci exhibition.

We asked her about what guides her as an artist. “I jump around from job to job so i have to set aside a giant chunk of time to make art,” she says. “I thrive on assignment. I like to set a show date and then draw and paint for a month until my hand hurts. And at first it’s usually kinda slow going, but once I hit the groove, it feels awesome. Like I could draw forever. So setting the assignment, finding the groove, and then working as much as possible. All the while listening to music. Music helps the motor.”

And, like any other artist, she has a story she’d like to tell, and a vision of the world to convey. “I think of all of my cartoons as mini stories,” she explains, “I guess I’m telling the stories of these characters I make. I rarely plan what I’m going to draw. It just starts to come out and I go with it. The goal is for people to see a bit of themselves in it. Something they relate to. I keep the character faces so simple so that the viewer can project their own emotions onto it. I try to keep it light and funny for the most part. It’s a weird time out there. I just hope my work can bring some pops of joy into someone’s day.”

Her exhibit is on display through December 9th, but you can check out some of Micucci’s work in our gallery.

“Your Hair Is Very Nice” by Kate Micucci

“Spaghetti Rainbows” by Kate Micucci

“When A Dress Has Pockets” by Kate Micucci

“But Your Face is so Beautiful” by Kate Micucci

“Dental Chart” by Kate Micucci

“Everybodys Working for the Weekend” by Kate Micucci

“I’m Feeling Hopeful For Future” by Kate Micucci

“So… Are We Gonna Start a Band or What?” by Kate Micucci

“Little Space Guys” by Kate Micucci

“I Didn’t Want You To Be Lonely” by Kate Micucci

“Dance Party” by Kate Micucci

“How Do You Think This Date Is Going?” by Kate Micucci

Micucci’s show is on display at Gallery1988, 7308 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, through December 9.