Mario Houben/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

A Photographic “Love Letter” and “Eulogy” to a Floridian’s Past


Brooklyn-based photographer Bryan Thomas has created a zine called The Sea in the Darkness Calls, inspired by his Floridian roots. The images were shot over a two-year period and feature somber portraits, landscape photos that highlight his concerns about climate change, and more. We first discovered Thomas’ work on Booooooom. From the artist’s website:

When I return to Florida’s coast, I see the shadows of the memories that I made there. Shadows that lighten in relation to the certainty that these places will, one day, cease to exist. Photographing Florida now—through the lens of this foreboding research—is not only an attempt to illustrate that we will lose something, but also an indictment that we already have. When the water comes, we will lose homes, family, and friends, but the great sadness of climate change is that humanity—facing a disaster of its own making—now appears to be hardwired for loss itself. Driving along the Gulf of Mexico, across the Everglades, and up the Atlantic Coast, “The Sea in the Darkness Calls” is a personal meditation on these melancholy whispers through the people and places of “The Sunshine State.” It’s a search for the somber truths about the inevitability of loss, the shame of inaction, and the heavy burden of guilt left in climate change’s now-ineludible path. It’s a love letter and a eulogy to a place that will soon be as spectral as the very memories of it.

Take a closer look here.