Intimate Brando Biopic Based on George Englund Book Coming Soon


One of cinema’s greatest actors is getting a biopic from producer Brian Oliver (Black Swan), based on the book Marlon Brando: The Way It’s Never Been Done Before by George Englund. The author is better known as Brando’s close friend and former director in the film The Ugly American, about “an ambitious scholar [who] becomes the ambassador of Sarkan, a southeast Asian country where civil war is brewing.” Oliver has optioned the rights to the memoir. “George and Marlon’s friendship spanned five decades and covered all the ups and downs in the actor’s career and personal life,” Oliver told the Hollywood Reporter this week. “It makes for both an epic portrayal of the greatest actor ever to grace the silver screen and an intimate story of two men with an almost brotherly bond.” The trade also reveals that Englund “[supported] the actor through the trial of his son Christian Brando and suicide of daughter Cheyenne.” Sadly, Englund died this September.

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