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Beautiful Portraits of Sisters That Portray the Tender Bond Between Women


London-born photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor was inspired by her relationship with her sister to create a series of portraits centering on the unique relationship between women and siblings.

The book Sisters, which we learned about on Fubiz, shares almost 100 interviews, written by journalist Emma Finamore, and tender images that highlights the special sisterly bond in different families. “Sometimes, if I’m angry, I can talk to Zita really fast because she will understand,” says young Unity about her sister Zita. “We read each other’s minds. I know exactly how she’s thinking.”

The series was captured over a two-year span and doesn’t shy away from the sisters’ difficulties. “This book is a celebration of sisterhood, in all its glory and with all its flaws,” the author told publisher Hoxton Mini Press. Pick up a copy for yourself over here, and preview the photos here.