The Backward-Books-on-Shelves Trend is for Neutral and Minimalist Book Lovers


Tomato or “tomahto?” Potato or “potahto?” And in the case of books, front to back or back to front? Website Neatorama recently pointed out a trend we’re still torn on. A viral image shows a shelf full of books displayed with the pages facing out toward the room. Neutrals-loving lit nerds are drawn to the calming color scheme, while others find the spines-to-the-back display super silly. We can appreciate both sides of the bookish argument, but for now, we’ll keep our books on the shelf the old-fashioned way, with their titles where we can easily see and find them. (I mean, we can’t even find our MetroCard most of the time). Here are a few beautiful examples of this divisive decorating trend:

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