Buy This: A Librarian Action Figure Based on a Real Seattle Librarian


Seattle-based novelty company Archie McPhee, best known for their toys like the Punching Nun, designed one of their most popular action figures after real-life librarian Nancy Pearl. We discovered the genius novelty on website Open Culture. As Pearl’s own bio says, “If the library world has a rock star – Nancy Pearl is it.” What else would you call an award-winning librarian, best-selling author, literary critic, TV personality, and bookish hometown hero? From Archie McPhee’s website:

In a world where information swirls around us like a tornado, librarians are there to keep it all organized for us and let us know about the best of it. The Librarian Action Figure is an homage to those warriors of the printed (and electronic) word. Based on Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl, this hard vinyl 3-3/4″ figure has a removable cape that symbolizes how much of a hero a librarian really is. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a librarian!

We have faith that the Librarian Action Figure can conquer any problem big or small. Today, an action figure. Tomorrow, her own Marvel series? Fingers crossed.