The Hair Historian Documents the Outrageous Hairstyles in Art History


We’re big fans of the historical Instagram accounts that chronicle the best of the best in art, like the fashion account Art Garments. And now, we’ve fallen in love with The Hair Historian.

The account documents the best, silliest, most beautiful, and often confusing hairstyles throughout art history found in paintings, photography, and beyond. From the Pre-Raphaelite redheads with long flowing locks and the tightly coiffed women of the 17th century to the modern bob worn during the flapper era, we can’t stop looking at all the gorgeous details in each photo — velvet red bows, braids for days, tightly curled locks, and bizarre bangs.

(We hope to see more women of color on the account in the future; this Refinery29 piece by Kristin Booker goes into the history of how black women were forced to conform to white/European beauty standards, including straightening their hair.)

Take a closer look at The Hair Historian’s best follicular finds, below.

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Photo 2

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