A Children’s Treasury of People Losing Their Damn Minds About that Backwards-Books Thing


The thing is, we honestly didn’t think it was going to be that provocative.

In addition to being an excellent writer, Alison Nastasi is an ace trend-spotter, and one of the best things she does for us is comb through Instragram and Pinterest and design blogs, finding beauties, oddities, and in-betweens to make the galleries we hope you enjoy here at your Flavorwire. So she spotted this “backwards-bookshelves” thing on Neatorama and wrote it up, and because Alison is seriously one of the nicest people on the planet, she penned her introduction from a neutral perspective:

Neutrals-loving lit nerds are drawn to the calming color scheme, while others find the spines-to-the-back display super silly. We can appreciate both sides of the bookish argument, but for now, we’ll keep our books on the shelf the old-fashioned way, with their titles where we can easily see and find them.

Turns out, people on Twitter aren’t nearly as diplomatic on the matter!


Look, we know, as President Camacho so succinctly put it, shit’s bad right now. Our days are filled with anxiety and fear, a psychopath is in the White House, and our social media discourse is permanently cranked up to 11. But seriously, people, it’s just some pictures of books backwards on a shelf. Some of us think it’s pretty goofy too! However, it’s a long road from “goofy” to “fascism,” so maybe let’s walk down it a tiny bit more slowly, huh?