Watch the ‘Phantom Thread’ Costume Trivia Featurette About the Film’s Breathtaking Designs


New Yorkers and LA cinéastes have been lucky enough to set eyes on Paul Thomas Anderson’s stunning new film Phantom Thread early (it was one of our ten best films of 2017). The film opens nationwide today — which the rest of us the country the opportunity to luxuriate in the movie’s lush setting and gorgeous fashions.

Set in post-war London during the ’50s, Daniel Day-Lewis stars as esteemed designer Reynolds Woodcock, who falls in love with a woman quite his opposite, played by star Vicky Krieps. Fashion is at the heart of the breathtaking love story about the artist and the muse — and judging by this new featurette, great care and attention was paid to the costuming, right down to every last detail. In the clip, we learn about the delicate 17th-century Flemish lace used in the movie, the real-life couturiers from the 1950s who appeared in the film, and the demanding schedule designers worked under, producing incredible gowns in mere months.

Visit the film’s official website for more information, and swoon over Phantom Thread‘s costumes in the below clip.