Watch the Trailer for the Charming Indie Rom-Com ‘The Boy Downstairs’


Zosia Mamet turned in one of our favorite performances at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in Sophie Brooks’s sweet and charming The Boy Downstairs – a lovely piece of wounded work, as a character positioned a full 180 from her work on Girls. Now, nearly a full year later, that movie is making its way to theaters, and you can finally see what we’re talking about.

She plays a writer who moves back to New York City after fleeing to London for a couple of years, only to find that she shares a building with the boy she left behind (Matthew Shear, so great in Mistress America). And he has a new girlfriend, unsurprisingly, so that’s… awkward. But they’re all adults, and this isn’t that tough, right? RIGHT?

Check out the trailer:

The Boy Downstairs opens in New York on February 16 and in Los Angeles on February 23, with more cities (hopefully) to follow.