The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Jessica Chastain


While we twiddle our thumbs waiting for Jessica Chastain to play Tammy Wynette in Taylor Hackford’s upcoming biopic (after seeing the star in Molly’s Game), we settled in for an evening with the actress on the Studio 8H stage. Chastain got to dig into her Cali girl roots on SNL with several sketches featuring her best Valley Girl accent, but it was her First Wives Club-inspired monologue that put a smile on our faces. Also, yay for a random appearance by Method Man in a pre-recorded segment with Chris Redd as an iconic Will Smith character. See how the rest of the episode went down, below.

The Best

“Trump Doctor Press Conference Cold Open”

At least he passed the Tide Pod challenge . . . ?

“Jessica Chastain Monologue”

+1 to SNL for acknowledging the Women’s March. Oh, and this:

“Doctor’s Orders”


“Amazon’s New Headquarters”

Pitbull, Paula Deen, and others make a plea for Amazon to come to their city.

“Taco Math”

Math iz hard.

“Google Talk”

Real-life Bart Simpson has “a woke discussion.”

“Fresh Prince”

A ’90s sitcom favorite just got really, really bleak.

“Car Hunk”

“We’re back to the whites.” Yep!

The Worst

“Movie Set with Jessica Chastain”

A promising set up — and we normally love this sketch — but yeahhh.

“What Even Matters Anymore”

Start sobbing into your wine now.

“Weekend Update”

Worth it for the crazy Prince William look, but not much else.

Musical Guest: Troye Sivan