CBS is Bringing Back ‘Murphy Brown’


Everything old is new again, and again, and again, so CBS has announced a revival season of its hit sitcom Murphy Brown.

The series, which ran from 1988-1998, is set at a 60 Minutes-style TV news magazine show called FYI. Candice Bergen stars as the title character, a tough anchor and recovering alcoholic; most of the supporting cast are her co-workers at the show, though what began as a Mary Tyler Moore-style TV workplace comedy quickly moved into more explicit political and social commentary. The series is best remembered for the fourth season arc in which Murphy chose to bear and raise a child alone, which prompted Vice President Dan Quayle to criticize Brown for “mocking the importance of a father.” (Brown, to reiterate, was a fictional character. Quayle wasn’t terribly bright.)

Series creator Diane English and star Bergen will return for the 13-episode revival, which is set to air this fall. (No other returning cast members have been announced.) Murphy Brown ’18 will join Will & Grace, Roseanne, and The X-Files as further proof that networks will air anything, so long as they’ve aired it before.