Darkly Beautiful Film Noir-Inspired Paintings


If you have an affection for shadowy film fiends and femme fatales, let us introduce you to the work of artist Gina Higgins. The figure painter’s most popular series, called American-Noir, pays homage to the film noir genre. We first spotted the artist’s work on Instagram and Ego – AlterEgo.

Higgins’ website tells us that “her large-scale ‘Lynchian’ paintings are beguiling and emotionally charged, drawing the observer in, but infusing just enough mystery to leave the interpretations ambiguous.” It continues: “Each piece is uniquely different, with the exception of the portrayal of strong female archetypes and the mysterious male shadows that appear in nearly all of her works. As a Chicago Tribune reviewer commented, ‘You will leave her exhibits no closer to figuring out the artist, who almost certainly will have changed course by her next exhibit, but perhaps that is the allure?'”

Take a closer look at some of Higgins’ darkly beautiful paintings in our gallery.

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