The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Will Ferrell


SNL is getting close to wrapping its 43rd season with two of the show’s most beloved stars — longtime player Will Ferrell and, next week, guest Natalie Portman (never forget). Ferrell opened last night’s show with his good old G-dubs impression, making it the best cold open we’ve seen in a while. Even the dumbest Ferrell sketches are better than SNL‘s usual fare, so we’re happy to give a pass to lazy jokes like the clown penis-obsessed pilot. With Ferrell, it’s all about the delivery anyway. See how the rest of the night went down, below.

The Best

“George W. Bush Returns Cold Open”

On why Cheney is worse than Pence: “You’d take no cakes for gays in a heartbeat.”

“Will Ferrell First Time Monologue”

When ’90s TV stars get hit on the head and introduce SNL‘s musical guest: “Ladies and gentlemen, Matchbox Twenty!”

“Dinner Discussion”

WATCH ITTTTT. (With an appearance by NYC subway pizza rat.)

“Reality Stars”

A tiny dog that can no longer walk because it gets carried everywhere is the most LA thing.

“Flight Attendants”

When your flight attendant becomes death-positive.

“Next: For Men”

For men feeling the heat because #timesup.

“Fighter Pilots”

“Clown penis, over and out.”

“Commercial Shoot”

Somehow they made it funny.

“Chucky Lee Byrd”

The song title “Cruising in My Windowless Van” p much says it all.

“Weekend Update”

Will Ferrell brings back Jacob Silj, who can’t control the volume of his voice — and dear god we miss you, Will Ferrell.

The Worst

“Office Breakroom”

Crate & Barrel . . . Cracker Barrel . . . it’s a normie’s dilemma.

“The House with Will Ferrell”

Big Brother hates this, too. Also, I would have loved to see more sketches with these two, who seem like they could be kindred spirits.

Musical Guest: Chris Stapleton