Be Kind, Rewind, and Look at This Incredible Miniature Recreation of a Mom-and-Pop Video Store


Oh hi, if you need us we’ll be performing some kind of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids/Downsizing type of black magic to check out this badass miniature video store, up close and personal. It was created by FX designer Andrew Glazebrook — better known as Morbid Decay in nerdy creative circles.

If you still lament the closing of the big blue video-heaven in the sky known as Blockbuster or miss strolling the aisles of your local mom-and-pop tape shop, Glazebrook’s work should fill the VHS-shaped hole in your heart (not to be confused with a David Cronenberg film). We first spotted the miniature masterpiece on Neatorama.

Glazebrook’s creation includes handwritten signs, weird and gory VSH box art, nasty carpeting, and all the other amazing things you probably remember about the analog days. Glazebrook made the below video, and you can see more high-res images on io9.

Video by Andrew Glazebrook