Watch the First Trailer for the Undersea Romance ‘Submergence’


Wim Wenders directed some of the best movies of the 1980s and 1990s – including Wings of Desire, Hammett, The End of Violence, and Paris, Texas – but hasn’t done a whole lot worth talking about as of late (at least in terms of narrative films; he did helm the wonderful 3D dance documentary Pina in 2011). But he could very well break a bad streak with Submergence, and even if it’s not great, well, at least it’ll be lovely to look at.

That’s thanks in part to the gorgeous landscapes and underwater cinematography of this story of a love affair between a sea-diving scientist and a mystery man. And it doesn’t hurt that the scientist is played by Alicia Vikander and her beau by James McAvoy, so we’ve got a romance between two obscenely attractive people.

Here’s the trailer:

Submergence is out April 13 in the U.S.