Listen to the Kendrick Lamar-Produced ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack


All right, you’ve heard enough about it, the day has arrived – Kendrick Lamar’s much ballyhooed soundtrack to Black Panther is here, and is ready to stream on your service of choice. While the album only includes five songs credited to Kendrick himself (including “All the Stars,” whose video we ogled earlier this week), and only one of them is a solo track, his voice pops up throughout, and as Pitchfolk notes, the album credits on Tidal list him as lyricist/composer on each song.

The album is out on CD today, if you’re old-fashioned; you can also stream it on the aforementioned Tidal, as well as Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. Oh look, we’re helpers:

The movie is out on February 16.