All Female-Led Short Film ‘Pink Trailer’ Explores Girlhood in LA


You can see LA-based actress, writer, and filmmaker Mary Neely in the upcoming remake of Martha Coolidge’s Valley Girl, the 1983 film that stars baby-faced Nicolas Cage as a Hollywood punk who falls for Deborah Foreman’s Valley girl, despite disapproval from her straight-laced friends and family. We can see how Neely would be inspired by the film’s vibrant aesthetic and sly twist on the romantic comedy. Her own films explore coming-of-age relationships and the ensuing heady self-consciousness. Her newest movie Pink Trailer will premiere at SXSW, and the trailer makes us pine for our teenage bedrooms something fierce.

Directed and edited by Neely, the short follows besties Lucy and Julie during one summer. The girls hide from their “terrorizing neighbor until Lucy runs out of her antidepressant, and they’re forced to fight for their lives.” (You can also see Neely’s work in an upcoming video for the LA band Pinky Pinky.) Watch a preview of Pink Trailer, wish you had a blush bungalow in LA, and peep the film’s soundtrack by Waterbed, below.