Here’s the Teaser for Janelle Monáe’s New Album and Accompanying Film


Janelle Monáe has been so busy starring in movies and classing up red carpets and generally being awesome that we hadn’t really noticed she hadn’t put out a new albums in… Jesus, five years. Luckily, she’s rectifying that, and doing so in her traditional high style.

The new record is titled Dirty Computer, and she’s released a teaser for it and its accompanying “emotion picture” (clever), which features not only Ms. Monáe but the ubiquitous Tessa Thompson. And it is jaw-dropping. Check it out:

The trailer will reportedly play ahead of some screenings of Black Panther this weekend, which means roughly seven hundred bajillion people will see it, so nice placement, Janelle!

Dirty Computer’s release date has not yet been set.