Incredible Cardboard Sculptures of Fantastical Machines and Architecture


Cardboard isn’t just for questionable bodega fruit anymore. Melbourne-based artist Daniel Agdag works his magic when it comes to the brown paper stuff, creating quirky, intricate sculptures that will make you wonder how the heck he had the patience to build each piece. “Cardboard is a surprisingly robust material that always surprises me to the limits in which I can manipulate it,” Agdag told Juxtapoz in a recent interview. “But also, I like it because of its egalitarian nature. It’s recycled, it’s non-toxic and regarded as a commodity. It has a tactility that lends itself to my ideas so well.” Agdag’s sculptures are charming, fantastical, and a little bit weird. He also animates some of them for short films.

If you’re in the New York area, head to the cardboard wizard’s first solo show, Stories I Haven’t Written Down, at Jonathan LeVine Projects by March 17 to admire his work in person. And if not, enjoy some highlights below.

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