Awesome Illustrations Inspired by the Movies of 1988


If you couldn’t tell from the name, the year 1988 has special significance to our friends at the pop culture-consuming Gallery1988– after all, it’s the year that gave us such beloved movies as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Die Hard, The Naked Gun, They Live, and Beetlejuice. Art inspired by those films (and many more) are the focus of their latest exhibition, “30 Years Later,” which runs through April 21stat their Melrose Avenue location. But don’t worry non- (or lazy) Los Angelinos; we’ve plucked out some of the very best of the show, for your enjoyment herein (and you can buy them at the gallery’s online store here).

Danny Haas, “I’m not Bad”

Adam Augustyn, “My Whole Life Is A Darkroom”

Blain Hefner, “Jump Off a Tree and Die Hard (Tree Topper)”

Amanda Conrad, “All Out Of Bubble Gum”

eniac, “BIG”

Dan Litzinger, “I’ll Teach You To Fuck With Me!!!”

Michelle Tuttle, “It’s your turn, Heather”

Barrett Biggers, “I Love L.A.”

Richard Anderson, “The Labyrinth Mind”

Dan Nash, “Coming to America”

Raphael Kelly, “Feature Apparel of 1988”

Stephen Andrade, “Hellbound (Vintage Pulp Edition)”

Martin Donnelly ‘Known As Unknown,’ “Kaneda”

Bruce White, “KU-MI-TE!”

Isaac Benavidez, “Leona, Leona”

Seth Deitch, “Regulators, Let’s Ride!”

Mike Maas, “Unopened Wax Pack”

Steve Mardo, “Killer Klowns”

Sarina Kaur, “Smile Darn Ya, Smile”

Josh Eckert, “Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop”

“30 Years Later” runs through April 21st at G1988, located at 7308 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.