Have Some Summer Instagram Fun with the ‘Swim Reaper’


Well folks, it’s Memorial Day weekend, and you know what that means: time to slap on some sunscreen, hit the beach, and snap some Instagram pics for your homebound friends. So if nothing else, the “Swim Reaper” Instagram account (which came to our attention on Bored Panda) is a welcome send-up of the tropes of Beach Instagram, a feed full of images of the Grim Reaper hanging out in the sun, waiting for people to die.

This is not just some absurdist parody feed, though; it’s a PSA project from the New Zealand government to raise awareness of swimming safety. (Would that all government-backed education projects were this sly and funny.) Here are some highlights:

Check out all of the “Swim Reaper”‘s snaps here, and read more about the campaign here.