Charming Movie and Video Game Tributes on Classic School Folders


If you’re one of your younger readers, you may not know about the “Pee-Chee All Season Portfolio,” but if you went to grade school in the heartland any time in the 20th century, there’s a pretty good chance you had (or wanted) some. The yellow folders, illustrated by Francis Golden, were a school supply standard, a simple design that featured students engaging in sports and other extracurricular activities, with helpful reference charts on the inside (and, of course, pockets to hold your loose school papers).

Alex Campos, a regular contributor to our favorite pop-culture art spot Gallery1988, was inspired by the iconic design, and created a new series based on a bunch of classic video games – and some Jim Carrey movies. “Everything’s Just Pee-Chee” ends its run tomorrow, but don’t panic if you haven’t made it over; we’ve selected a few of our favorites from the collection.

“Super Mario Bros.,” by Alex Campos

“Street Fighter,” by Alex Campos

“Bowser,” by Alex Campos

“Ace Ventura,” by Alex Campos

“Finish Him,” by Alex Campos

“Player’s Choice,” by Alex Campos

“The Legend of Zelda,” by Alex Campos

“Dumb and Dumber Too,” by Alex Campos

“Punch Out,” by Alex Campos

“Yoshi at the Races,” by Alex Campos