The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Spider-Man 4 won’t be directed by Sam Raimi or star Toby Maguire; instead the story focuses on Peter Parker in high school. [via USA Today] 2. David Simon — the creator of The Wire — has a new HBO series called Treme that will focus on New Orleans musicians in the aftermath of Katrina. Watch the teaser trailer now, and look for the show to premiere on April 11. [via BuzzFeed] 3. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts will costar in Larry Crowne, a comedy about reinventing oneself in middle age that was written by Hanks; they previously shared the screen in Charlie Wilson’s War. [via Deadline Hollywood] 4. Anne Frank‘s friend Miep Gies, who helped to hide her family and saved her diary from the Nazis, died yesterday at the age of 100. [via The Awl] 5. Meet the cast of Robert Zemeckis‘ Disney remake of the Beatles’ 1968 animated classic, Yellow Submarine. No word yet on who will be playing the Blue Meanies. [via THR]

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