Clever Art Inspired by Pop Culture’s Fictional Products


“Product Placement” is one of the most venerable series at the pop culture-loving Gallery1988 — we shared images from the very first one, five long years ago — and for good reason: if you’ve watched Idiocracy enough times (if you can stand to these days), you might wonder what a print ad for Brawndo might look like, and they’ve commissioned artists to answer that question for you. This year’s edition runs through October 27 at their gallery in Los Angeles, but if you can’t make it (or need some motivation to do so), here are some of our very favorite images from the show.

(“What Plants Crave!” by Nate Bear, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“2 Coats” by Max Bare, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Nichols Hardware’s Halloween Sale” by Blain Hefner, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“For Children with Very Little Pocket Money” by Dave Perillo, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Less-Sickly than Butterscotch” by Jen Taylor, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“How to Draw Animals the Quint Way” by Tom Valente, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Suck Kut” by Paul Kreizenbeck, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“The Chainsaw That Made a Man out of Ash!” by Matt Talbot, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Doggy Chop” by Andrew Saeger [Factory 43], courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Gotham’s Finest” by Christopher Gray of Half Hazard Press, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Tosche Station” by Jason Chalker, courtesy Gallery1988)

(“Treasure Chest of Fun” by Chet Phillips, courtesy Gallery1988)

You can buy these (and more!) images from “Product Placement” at Gallery1988 online, and see the exhibit in person at 7308 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles through October 27.