Jaw-Dropping Bookends Feature Detailed Back-Alley Dioramas


If you’re a design-savvy bookworm, you love a cool bookend — after all, if you’ve got a lot of books, you’ve got to keep them tightly organized. We’ve seen some pretty good ones, but we’d never seen anything quite like these jaw-droppers from Toyko designer Monde. He ingeniously combines the bookend with the diorama, to create stunning bookends that feature intricately detailed streets and back alleys of Japan. In other words, you don’t just have to go on a journey in your book; you can go on one between them. Check ‘em out:

All photos courtesy of Monde, who is (to put it mildly) shocked and thrilled by the response to his work — so much so that they only way to get them is by DMing him on Twitter. The cost is 25,000 yen (roughly $220 USD), plus shipping, though he warns us, “Delivery will be delayed, because we have a lot of reservations now.”