New, Cool Cult Movie-Inspired Art from Gallery1988


The wild and wonderful pop culture-obsessed curators of Gallery1988 create awesome exhibitions all year long, but year after year, the most popular is “Crazy4Cult,” the multi-artist celebration of cult movies and TV. (It’s so huge, they’ve even spun it off into a series of books.) And this year’s version is a beaut, with tributes to everything from Rocky Horror to UHF to What We Do in the Shadows. The whole, massive thing is available for online perusal (and purchase) on their site, but we’ve plucked out a few of our very faves; if you live in L.A., you can check them out in person through Dec. 29.

(Cate Rangel, “Starman”)

(Abigail Larson, “Dead But Delicious”)

(Catherine Moore, “It’s Suppertime”)

(Mikaela Jane Palermo, “Rockford Peaches”)

(Harmony Deimling, “Antici…pation”)

(Max Bare, “You. Me. Them. Everybody.”)

(Taylor Rose, “Souls Don’t Die”)

(Alana Magdalene, “Moonrise Kingdom”)

(Tegan Bellitta, “Travesty”)

“Crazy4Cult 12” runs through December 29 at Gallery1988, 7308 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Visit their site for more details.