Apple, Apple Everywhere: 10 Mac-Happy Products


When it comes to Macs, we all tend to get a bit crazy. Some of us wait in line overnight for the new iPhone, while others scour the Internet for the latest Apple tablet buzz. So it came as no surprise when techies started buzzing about a Swedish company’s newest addition to the bedroom. Meet what we’re calling the iBed — a 21st century alternative for the man who refuses to update his Batman sheets. More Mac-spiration after the jump.

Sweet dreams…is there an app for that?

A plush icon for your weary head

A flashy iPod necklace

A coffee table that requires no books

A slightly (alright, very) disturbing onesie

Yes, he can.

For when you entertain fellow Mac lovers

Now you can play “Gold Digger” while spending all those bills.

An iPhone-inspired place to wipe your feet

A sporty watch for fanboys