Video of the Day: Name That Blonde Pop Star


Nothing we love more than an internet mystery to spice up the workday. Courtesy of YouTube user “iamamiwhoami” we’ve got a viral video on our hands that features a blond nymphet licking tree bark to an audio background of trippy techno. Some speculate the clip is in anticipation of Christina Aguilera’s March LP, “which the label has been selling as her Ray of Light, ‘motherhood changed me'” affair. Others argue that it’s more likely a Goldfrapp production (Head First will be released March 23 in the US); curiously, the duo worked with Aguilera on a couple of tracks of the aforementioned new album. Take a gander after the jump

After a short trip down the rabbit hole to where the internet commenters play, we also ran across a second, earlier video that’s even stranger. What in tarnation is that pulsing sac thing? We tried screengrabbing the lady featured in the two clips (above) with less than lucid results.

Your turn! Give us your best guesses in the comments as to which musical act is turning over a new, um, leaf.