Joyful Illustrations of Our Childhood Faves


We’ve spent plenty of pages singing the praises of Gallery1988, the pop culture-obsessed L.A. art gallery, and one of their most prolific and talented regulars is Luke Flowers. He currently has a solo show up at 1988, and it concerns one of our favorite topics: things we liked when we were kids.

“Raised by Rainbows” features art inspired by everything from Calvin and Hobbes to Back to the Future, reimagined via alphabets, movie posters, and trips to the video arcade. You’ll see what we mean in the gallery below, which includes some of our favorite pieces form “Raised by Rainbows”; you can see the rest on their site, or by dropping in at the gallery, where the show is on display until March 7.

(“Rampage,” Luke Flowers)

(“Outtatimeline,” Luke Flowers)

(“Frogger,” Luke Flowers)

(“Mario Mayhem,” Luke Flowers)

(“Ghosts N Goblins,” Luke Flowers)

(“Rainbow Warriors,” Luke Flowers)

(“Karate Champ,” Luke Flowers)

(“ABC TMNT,” Luke Flowers)

(“Tron,” Luke Flowers)

(“The Rubberhose Rocketeer,” Luke Flowers)

“Raised by Rainbows” is on display at Gallery1988 — 7308 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles — through March 7. Check out the full show here.