Evocative Photographs Capture Timeless Themes of Childhood


Photographer Nolan Streitberger’s “Raised in America” sprung, as the best projects often do, from something entirely different. While working on the photo series “Long Summer Days,” which chronicle his daughter’s struggle with small-town, small-house, only-child boredom, Streitberger wondered if that series’ themes – conveyed there in a documentary-style form – could work in a style that was “more abrupt.”

“I create these photographs utilizing negative panoramic space, breaking the quotidian of the photographic frame,” Streitberger tells Flavorwire. “Most studio or portrait work is in the standard 35mm aspect ratio, where panorama is reserved for landscapes. I wanted to break those rules. I feel that the panoramic frame in this body of work isolated the subject and complements the idea of the project. I did not want to be restricted by the frame.”

Here are a few highlights from the series; you can check out the full series on Streitberger’s website, and you can follow him on Instagram.

(“Sheltered,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“Comfort, Nolan Streitberger)

(“Modern Babysitter,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“How Do I Look,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“Candy Cigarette,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“Why Don’t You Go Play,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“Side Effects May Include,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“Agitprop,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“Cut the Cord,” Nolan Streitberger)

(“And Now We Feast,” Nolan Streitberger)

See more of Nolan Streitberger’s work on his website, or follow him on Instagram.