Dazzling Illustrations Inspired by ’90s Pop Culture


If you lived through the 1990s, there’s no shortage of books, music, movies, and more catering to your specific generational nostalgia. But we’ve rarely seen Generation X reanimated as cleverly and artfully as in Gallery1988‘s giant new show “The 90’s,” which opened last Friday at their gallery in Los Angeles. Gathering a wide assortment of their culture-savvy artists for valentines for everything ’90s, from A to Z – well, from B (the Beastie Boys) to X (‘The X-Files’), 1988 has the full array are available for purchase on their site; these are just a few of our favorites.

(Jellykoe, “Life Finds a Way,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Matt Kelly, “Vaya con Dios,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Nan Lawson, “Chosen One,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Teo Zirinis, “Damn Fine,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Alice Morgan, “Saviour,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Andrew Birney, “Scream Print,”

(John J. Pearson, “X,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Barry Blankenship, “California Love,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Alice Meichi Li, “One Crow Sorrow,” courtesy Gallery1988)

(Jeff Victor, “I Love the 90’s,” courtesy Gallery1988)

“The 90’s” is on display now at Gallery1988, located at 7308 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.