Pics of the Day: Terry Richardson Tumbls


Commercial photographer Terry Richardson has been called a lot of things: a former junkie punk who put the filth into fashion, the Joe Francis of the art world, the magazine world’s Marquis de Sade. Now you can add “blogger” to that list, as Richardson’s very own Tumblr offers a pretty revealing look at the man behind the mustache — or at least, his funny fashion choices (plaid, Slayer t-shirts), famous friends (Lindsay Lohan, Marc Jacobs), and photo shoots (test shots of models galore). Though we haven’t yet spotted any starlets with hot dogs or dead-eyed ’50s housewives, he’s posting a ton of photos per day so there’s no telling what’s coming next. We’ve selected a smattering of favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Your host.

Your host, mugging with William Effing Eggleston, who looks rather unsure about the proceedings.

With Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone.

The peony is his favorite flower. (Even skeezy hipsters like enjoy blooming things, okay.)

With Amy Poehler.

This sassy lady (captioned as “my mother”) has been pictured twice.

Money shot!

All images via TerrysDiary.