Clever Illustrations Pay Tribute to ‘Unpopular Culture’


The art of Alex Solis is very easy to identify: square canvas, bright colors, and a cockeyed view of popular culture that’s clever, smirking, and/or scatological. His new solo show at Gallery1988, “Unpopular Culture,” collects some of his best and most viral work, wry but affectionate tributes to everything from Star Wars to Sesame Street to The Avengers, with winks at aging and food to boot. You can check them all out (and buy a print or two) at the Gallery1988 site; here are a few of our favorites.

(Alex Solis, “Horror Toy Story”)

(Alex Solis, “Beer Belly”)

(Alex Solis, “Broccoli Getting Cornrows”)

(Alex Solis, “Old Mickey”)

(Alex Solis, “Oscar the Nug”)

(Alex Solis, “Popeye’s Date”)

(Alex Solis, “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee”)

(Alex Solis, “Godzilla Unmasked”)

(Alex Solis, “AT-AT Poop”)

(Alex Solis, “That’s All Folks!”)

“Unpopular Culture” is on display through July 27 at Gallery1988, located at 7308 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. See more of the exhibit here.