Pic of the Day: Crazy Leading Ladies


Wallpaper just introduced us to the latest work from LA-based photographer Alex Prager, who we previously told you about here. Glossy, narrative portraits of women sporting wigs and retro outfits, along with a strong knack for color, are the product of her previous experience in fashion editorial, as well as a healthy obsession with cinema. There’s something very repressed and exciting about these images — even an extreme closeup evokes a larger storyline about a woman on the verge. In fact, we’d suggest that the next time GQ shoots January Jones, they give her a call instead of Terry Richardson.

Beth, 2010

Deborah, 2010

Maggie, 2010

Stars, 2010

Wendy, 2010

Like what you see? Week-End, a solo exhibition of Prager’s work, opens tomorrow at New York’s Yancey Richardson Gallery and January 30 at LA’s M +B.