Reader Services: Possibly Better Off Missed Connections


We here at Flavorpill don’t have time to fix all the lonely hearts out there, but we can point you in the right direction. It turns out the events we list each week are fertile ground for finding someone, and if that doesn’t work, reading a smartypants book or hanging out in a stuffy museum should do the trick. Go figure. In an effort to spread the love during the holiday season, after the jump we’ve rounded up our favorite cultural Missed Connections from the past few days in the hopes that you can find — or avoid — the guy who stalked you in the beer line. Bonne chance!

* Monkeytown (Williamsburg) Our brief encounter left me craving more. Hope you will get in touch with me. I put a card in you coat pocket.

le poisson rouge DFA party – m4w – 26 (le poisson rouge) we made eyes a few times. you = totally adorable me = should have said hello

Last Saturday at Blick Art Supplies – m4w (Nolita / Bowery) I bought some ink… and you were at the register. We chatted and joked and kept smiling at each other. I was too shy to ask you out, but perhaps you’ll read this?? ciao

** At Santos’ Party House last night, you were the tall brunette – m4w – 30 (below Canal) who was with a friend. I was looking at you like I go out every night and you weren’t hip enough for me. But that’s not the truth. Are you straight? Do you go for men? Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m just checking! Alright, if I’ve piqued your interest, write back to me… who knows, maybe we have something in common…

Little Birds Erotica by Anais Nin on 6 train – m4w – 25 (Midtown East) I noticed you reading this and its an absolute favorite.. you were wearing fur, id like to take you out… i was the tall guy with the long brown hair

Were you at the MET this afternoon? – m4m – 30 (Upper East Side) To the guy who was by himself going through the Art & Love in Renaissance Italy exhibition around 3:00. You were wearing jeans, a cap, and a brown sports coat about 6’3 slender very cute, you caught my eye several times. I was the guy in the green coat with stubble, and an umbrella, the coat check line was horrendous. You moved pretty fast through the exhibit, so it was a great surprise to see you lingering in the last room around the Titian. I saw you again in the gift shop, and was going to ask you what you thought of the exhibit, but this time you vanished. Would be great if you gave me the opportunity to ask you about Art & Love over lunch/dinner.

waiting for friends at A Murray Little Christmas (8:00 show) – w4w Both you and I were waiting for our friends to see A Murray Little Christmas. You were drinking DD coffee? Perhaps it was tea? I was standing across from you. Wanted so much to engage in small talk but I was extremely tongue tied. Think you are cute. Maybe we can correspond then, perhaps I can take you out for dinner?

* This one is more funny because Monkey Town was hosting Porn Week. ** This one is extra special, because it also happened to be Flavorpill’s holiday party!