Exciting Ghostbusters 3 News: Ivan Reitman to Direct


With all the speculation that’s been swirling around Ghostbusters 3 , here’s a solid fact for us Bill Murray obsessives: Ivan Reitman will be directing. Reitman was at the helm on both the first and second films, and will be continuing the role despite whisperings that Harold Ramis might direct (after Year One , we’d say that’s a good thing). As for the plot and cast, those are still tightly under wraps.

Reitman refused to comment on Sigourney Weaver’s assertion that Bill Murray will play a ghost himself — or on speculation that the film will feature a “new generation” with cameos from the old. The younger Ghostbusters crew could include a grown-up Oscar, Sigourney’s baby from Ghostbusters 2. Despite all these rumors, one thing is clear: a script, written by original scrolls Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, is in the works. Here’s to hoping this ’80s reboot is better than Indiana Jones redux or Terminator Salvation.