Rate-a-Trailer: Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer


Behold! The international trailer for The Ghost Writer, aka the thriller that Roman Polanski was polishing up while in Swiss prison, has hit the internets. It has nothing to do with Nathan Zuckerman or Philip Roth, rather, it’s based on a book called The Ghost by Robert Harris. Ewan McGregor stars as a writer working on a former British prime minister’s (Pierce Brosnan) memoir. Kim Cattrall whips out a British accent to play Amelia, who we presume is Brosnan’s aide. From what we can tell, McGregor uncovers some juicy secrets in his research, including the fact that the PM’s previous collaborator on the book may have been killed. Not exactly an original plot, but it looks beautiful.

The Ghost Writer is in theaters February 19. Do you plan on checking it out?