Quote of the Day: Punk Rock, Young Muslim Style

“I’m a Muslim and I’m 100-percent American, so I can criticize my faith and my country. Rebellion? Punk? This is totally American.”

– Noreen DeWulf, an actress in the low-budget independent film adaptation of popular underground novel The Taqwacores, on the book about punk rock American Muslims that has inspired a cult following among Muslim youth.

The Taqwacores, whose title combines the Arabic word for “piety” with “hardcore,” is being called “The Catcher in the Rye for young Muslims.” The New York Times chronicles the way writer Muhammad Knight’s story has inspired many young Muslim Americans to channel their frustration with Islam through punk rock, without having to abandon their faith. “As Muslims, we’re not being honest if we criticize the United States without first criticizing ourselves,” says Muslim punk rocker Marwan Kamel. [New York Times]