Amazed and Confused: The Best Fictional Drugs on TV


Movies and TV shows have found many ways to integrate drug culture into their plots and even character-development arcs, whether they be beneficial or detrimental — and we don’t mean to their healthy constitution. They’ve served as the gateway into the viewer’s world, contextualizing a scene so it is more palatable, more relatable — even if not everyone has a didgeridoo at their disposal.

Find out our favorite television moments that feature the unlikeliest of substances to be abused. Let the hilarity ensue.

1. Arrested Development: Teamocil

“There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Teamocil’ — at least not where you’d think.” Tobias Fünke (analyst + therapist) masterminded the 100% Natural Good Time Family-Band Solution to instill harmony in the family. Even though the feeling of wellness doesn’t last, and leads to a complete shutdown of the pituitary gland, it still affords the opportunity to see Maeby’s first exposure to stardom.

2. Brass Eye: Cake

British comedian Chris Morris has long been producing satirical news shows and getting away with publicity stunts that echo Sacha Baron Cohen’s shtick as a foreign journalist. In this instance, he uses a cake-sized pill to mock the media’s portrayal of drugs. Don’t forget, if offered cake, “chuck it back in their face and tell them to fuck off.” Brilliant.

3. Clone High: Raisins

Abe, Joan, and Gandhi have proven that while raisins are dried grapes, smoked raisins are fried grapes. In an epic three act rock opera (Repo Man anyone?), the trio set off on a trippy music-infused journey. Hard to believe Jack Black is the pusher? Of course, he’s the singing pusher.

4. Futurama: Electricity

Although he first “jacks on” at a party with his friend Fender, Bender quickly grows addicted to the jolts of electricity that eventually lead him to the Temple of Robotology to repent after overdosing. What follows is an action-packed descent into the darkness to save Bender from the Robot Devil.

5. South Park: Cat Piss

“Cheesing,” not just for the lactose tolerant, was the drug phenomenon that simply required a cat (Mr. Kitty) and wide cartoon eyes for maximum intake. Kenny embarks on a magical quest, headed by Major Boobage, interrupted by Gerald Broflovski, and then finished off by Cartman’s insensitivity. As can be expected.

What’s your favorite TV drug spoof? Tell us in the comments below.