This Was Bound to Happen: Alien Celebs as Na’vis


Oh boy. When we read this morning that there’s an online application inviting users to Avatar themselves, we started feeling a bit wicked. Unsatisfied with seeing our own mugs in Na’vi form, we compiled a mess of celebrities whose antics, features, or religious affiliations have always seemed to exist in a dimension once removed. Holla, James Cameron, because we’ve got some ideas for the Avatar sequel. Our blue-est findings after the jump.

The Scientologist: Tom Cruise

The Alien Sex Slave: Lady Gaga

The LSD Tripping Alien: Mickey Rourke

The Troll Doll Alien: Ashley Olsen

The Troll Doll Alien’s Evil Twin: Mary-Kate Olsen

The Batshit Crazy Alien: Amy Winehouse

The Outer Space Insect: Victoria Beckham

The Catholic Alien: Mel Gibson

The Alienated: Billy Baldwin