35 Pop Culture Personalities Who Should Remain in the ’90s


When we heard that news yesterday that Judy Craymer, the producer of Mamma Mia!, had signed an agreement with Simon Fuller, Universal Music. and the Spice Girls to create a new musical based around their music, we let out a collective, Spice World-induced groan. What’s it with celebrities who clearly peaked back in the ’90s trying to resurface over a decade later? They’re everywhere, and they’re more dated than our lizard print Doc Martens.

After the jump, our unordered list of pop culture personalities who we think should remain exactly where we left them — as a distant (and in some cases, rather fond) memory. Add to it with a comment.

1. The Spice Girls 2. M.C. Hammer 3. Michael Bolton 4. Aerosmith 5. The cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 6. The cast of Melrose Place 7. Vanilla Ice 8. Boyz II Men 9. Peter Gabriel 10. The Baby-sitter’s Club 11. Hugh Grant 12. Alicia Silverstone 13. Darius Rucker 14. Dennis Rodman 15. Alanis Morissette 16. Jewel 17. Marilyn Manson 18. James Van Der Beek 19. David Hasselhoff 20. Mayim Bialik 21. Kate Moss 22. Sylvester Stallone 23. Steven Seagal 24. The cast of Roseanne (except for Sarah Chalke) 25. Sandy ‘Pepa’ Denton 26. Courtney Love 27. Kurt Loder 28. Kirk Cameron 29. Jean-Claude Van Damme 30. Melissa Joan Hart 31. Whitney Houston 32. Arnold Schwarzenegger 33. Meg Ryan 34. Billy Corgan 35. John Travolta