Babysitter's Club - Baby-Sitters Club (1997)
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The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?


With the announcement of a Baby-sitter’s Club prequel and revision of the first two volumes in the series due out in April, we couldn’t help but wonder: Where would our beloved teenage baby sitters be now? The answer: in their early 30s. Yep, it made us feel old, too. And so we decided to reconnect with our favorite Stoneybrook, CT residents, channeling our inner Ann M. Martin to come up with what we think are plausible current realities for the gang.

Kristy Thomas: High School Gym Teacher Kristy was always such a tomboy and her talent for coaching the Krushers had to lead her somewhere sporty. We like to think that she’s evolved into a nicer version of Sue Sylvester — they’re both type-A know-it-alls. Also: she still really loves turtlenecks. And women.

Claudia Kishi: Struggling Lowbrow Artist With her love quirky fashion sense (dinosaur earrings, anyone?) and hatred for school (except for art and maybe phys ed), we could see Claud as a struggling lowbrow artist. Remember that Warhol-inspired junk food series that she did? She’s being supported by her sister Mean Janine, who is a super successful stock broker, just like their dad. It makes sense when you think of all the places where she could hide candy in an art studio.

Mary Anne Spier: Shy Veterinarian Mary Anne always loved her cat Tigger (seriously, she dropped most of her baby-sitting money on toys for him), and since she was afraid of everything except for animals, we think veterinarian is a good fit. We like to think that she went through a rebellious phase where she visited Dawn at UC Berkeley, got drunk, and (gasp!) had her ears pierced. Oh, and she and longtime beau Logan are still on-again/off-again, but everyone knows they’ll end up together in the end — just like when they were fake married in “Modern Living” class and had an egg baby named Sammie.

Dawn Schafer: Nutritionist From her intense environmentalism to her “California Casual” fashion, Dawn defined what we grew up thinking the West Coast was all about. After she moved back to California and even had her own spin-off series (California Diaries), we think that Dawn’s hatred of junk food became her career. Now she can get paid to plan other people’s meals around sprouts and tofu and yell at them when they eat Oreos.

Stacey McGill: Bergdorf Goodman Accountant Stacey’s sophisticated fashion sense, snobby attitude, love for math, and uncanny ability to hook older men (remember Luca from the movie?) could only channel her into the business side of the fashion world. We think she has patched things up with her New York City BFF Laine, and they live in the same luxury apartment building. And we assume that she has finally figured out how to control her diabetes so that she is able to go on weekend trips with friends — Super Special-style.

Mallory Pike: Graphic Novel Illustrator Although we always thought she was a wet blanket, this awkward ginger kid had to have developed some gumption after leaving Stoneybrook for boarding school. Mallory always talked about wanting to be a children’s book illustrator, but we like to think that once her hatred for the rest of the Pike kids became self-realized, she decided to illustrate books that were a little darker instead. Obviously they’d focus on a red-headed heroine who’s a total weirdo, too.

Jessi Ramsey: Eating Disorder Counselor Although we always wanted Jessi to achieve her dream of becoming a ballerina, let’s be honest… So, despite all of her lead roles and summer intensives, Jessi finally realizes that she should abandon the dream and find a different career in life — helping ballerinas with eating disorders. She ends up marrying that hot ballet dancer from NYC, Quint, and he sends her tons of referrals. Win-win.