Daily Poll: Do You Care If a Movie Has Been to Court?


News from Nikki Finke that FOX and Warner Bros. are back in court over the upcoming Watchmen movie made us realize that it was finally time to start paying attention to this battle royale between the major studios.

The gist: Watchmen is based on the best-selling DC Comic written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons about a band of outlaw superheroes who are trying to prevent a nuclear war. According to E! Online, “Fox sued Warner last February, alleging the studio failed to acquire all the rights from producer Lawrence Gordon when it put the project in turnaround in 1994. Some of the interests Fox contends it still retained were distribution and sequel rights that gave it a share of any profits if another studio made the film. Warner Bros. initiated work on the would-be blockbuster in 2005 and claims it had purchased all the rights fair and square.”

Translation: Now that they’re smelling successful franchise, Fox wants back in the game. The case won’t go to trial until late January, but a federal judge in Los Angeles has recommended that they reach an out of court settlement before it comes to that. The movie is supposed to open in early March.

What we’re wondering is: